Seed Collecting, Saving Genetics, and Preserving Heirlooms!

Throughout the season I have ordered many heirloom varieties and rare seeds that cannot be found within a common garden center. As the season progressed and some of my plants started producing flowers and started seed production, I have continually been collecting the following seeds: radishes, wild flowers, wild clover, sweet peppers, lettuce, native flowering pollinator plants, lima beans, bush beans, and herbs.

These are just the first plants to begin their seed production and time continues I hope to collect seeds from everything within my garden! This way the genetics that I have already bought will not be lost and then I will be able to save seed for next year's garden while simultaneously cutting my seed costs. This is just another step towards farming sustainably with the decreased need for input. Being self-sufficient is incredibly important as farmers around the world experienced seed shortages and many varieties were unavailable as suppliers were sold out quickly due to the pandemic.

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