Beginning Sprouts to Start the Season

Currently, vegetable production is just getting started in the greenhouse! Below are some seeds that will be transplanted into raised beds for contained gardening in my high tunnel. This season I also constructed all my raised beds from palettes and soil bags! I am working to find creative ways to plant that don't break the bank. Below are some ideas for creative container gardening that I am going to try to use this season for production. The palettes with the small white boxes will be used for micro green production. These DIY planters can be put in any shady location due to micro greens low light requirements and it is a more space efficient method than without the use of vertical space.

I will be direct seeding most vegetables tomorrow that can tolerate cooler temperatures as we've been experiencing late season frosts frequently these past few weeks. These transplanted crops allow growers to get a head start and ensure successfully planted produce.

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