"Bee" Kind to beneficials

Beneficial insects can include many different types of insects. However, a very important pollinator within the garden are honey bees! I am fortunate enough to rent land where beekeepers put their hives to pollinate crops.

There are thousands of bees within each hive, working every day to gather pollen and nectar. In each hive there is one queen bee that gives birth to the entire colony. She lays hundreds of eggs each day, allowing the colony to build up their population during the summer months when food is abundant. Most bees only live for 150 days, but the queen bee can live for many years. She is much larger than the rest of the worker bees.

This honey is locally sourced from where the Veggie Patch is located at 10935 Chillicothe Road, in Kirtland Ohio. The only processing done is the beekeepers (pictured), scrape the honey out and strain the wings or any other particles.

The bucket pictured (image #3) is all the pollen collected from the bee hives. Worker bees bring back tons of pollen after visiting flowers each day and at the bottom of each hive is a pollen catcher to collect all these particles ("it tastes like sweet dirt", the beekeepers said, and I agree).

Bees are an essential part of agriculture. Remember to take care of your bees and provide them with plenty of food during the summer months by always having flowers in bloom! They will pollinate your crops and contribute to the success of your garden.

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