Committed to Fresh Locally Grown  Organic Vegetables


What It's All About

As a Sustainable Plant Systems major at the Ohio State University I am committed to changing the way food is grown. Most farms that provide produce are conventional operations that frequently spray pesticides without thinking about the damaging environmental consequences.

At the Veggie Patch, I am focusing on organic pesticide free farming while fostering beneficial insects to combat damaging pests. I intercrop many plants together to act as natural camouflage to pests that are attracted to certain scents. Providing fresh, local food is the entire goal of this garden, especially when produce in grocery stores comes from thousands of miles away. Farm to table food is a completely different experience, especially when many consumers have never tasted a vine ripened tomato! Farming in tandem with nature allows healthier, more productive plants while creating a natural ecosystem.

Products and Produce

Click for more details on what vegetable and crop varieties come in each box! The growing season has started and produce is now available for purchase and home delivery. Early season crops are in production including lettuces, herbs, leafy greens and radishes. Add farm fresh eggs to any order, locally sourced from Rock's Farm and Garden in Kirtland, Ohio.